Japanese translation in Geneva, Switzerland

traduction japonaise Japanese translation

Japanese translation in Geneva, Switzerland. YOSHIO KOGANEI is a Japanese sworn translator (translator on oath) accredited in all Swiss territories (Français: Traduction japonaise à Genève, Suisse).

YOSHIO KOGANEI, Japanese translator, is established in Geneva, Switzerland since 1982. YOSHIO KOGANEI, Japanese translator, offers services such as translation & adaptation, technical interpreting, digital page layout & prepress, web sites, multimedia & software localization, for watchmaking, banking and other industries (Japanese, English, French, and Chinese).

Year by year, YOSHIO KOGANEI, Japanese translator, has been winning a deserving reputation as one of Japanese top level translators in business, technical, cultural and legal fields.

YOSHIO KOGANEI, Japanese translator, is currently offering the following services:
  1. Translation & adaptation (Japanese, French, and English)
  2. Certified translation by the sworn translator (Japanese & French)
  3. Technical interpreting (Japanese, French, and English)
  4. D.T.P. (Japanese, French, English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, and multilingual)
  5. Web, multimedia & software localizations (Japanese, French, English, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, and multilingual)
YOSHIO KOGANEI, Japanese translator, is an individual trade name conform to the law. YOSHIO KOGANEI officially declares his activity and income.

traduction japonaise Japanese translation
  1. Ancestry. The House of Koganei is an old family of samurai serving the lord of Nagaoka (present Niigata-ken). The first historical reference of the House of Koganei traces back to the 4th year of Genwa era (1618), when Yoshibei Koganei (the First) settled down in the medieval town of Nagaoka. The first name of all male members of the House of Koganei starts with the phonic and ideographic element "Yoshi-" meaning goodness and loyalty. Yoshio Koganei is the son of Sumiko Koganei, the grandson of Motoko Koganei, and a great-grandson of Kimiko Koganei, translator. All three women wrote Tanka, poetry of thirty-one syllables. His great-grandfather is Yoshikiyo Koganei (below), professor of anatomy and physical anthropology. Ogai Mori, translator and polished rice evangelist, was Kimiko's elder brother and Yoshikiyo's younger brother-in law.

  2. Yoshikiyo Koganei (1858 - 1944)
    traduction japonaise Japanese translation
    (bust in bronze at University of Tokyo, the School of Medecine)

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